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Shared Services

County Shared Services

Learn about what shared services are being offered by the county in the Shared Municipal Service Resource Guide booklet.

This is the county's latest initiative to help governments, school districts and other districts find ways to save taxpayer dollars. Why should your agency pay for a service, if at the county level, we already have the expertise or resources that could save your agency money and time?

County programs range from purchasing, printing, IT, public works, emergency services, among others. Here are some specifics on these offerings. We urge our local governments, schools and other districts to take advantage of these opportunities.

E-mail us at sharedservices@westchestergov.com with ideas or suggestions on new shared services or how the county can better provide its current shared services offerings to your agency.

Bureau of Purchase and Supplies
Save money and time when you buy supplies or bid contracts. Through the county's cooperative purchasing program, governments, schools and special districts can piggyback onto existing contracts and save on competitive bidding costs. We can also join together in new cooperative con-tracts to benefit from economies of scale.
Digital Printing Services
You can now take advantage of the county’s print shop facility for large scale print job processing in a variety of formats. Review applicable rates and a step-by-step procedure for initiating a print request. Download the DoIT Print Rate Card and Billing Requisition form.
Emergency Services
From fire and EMS training to emergency shelter and disaster supplies and equipment, we share our expertise with local governments and districts. We can help you prepare for an emergency and communicate with residents in an actual emergency.
Department of Environmental Facilities
We provide transport, collection and recycling services to municipalities in several programs, including e-waste, organic yard waste and tire recycling.
Firefighter Escape Systems
Westchester is offering to let every local fire department piggyback on a county contract to purchase “bail out” ropes and training at reduced prices.
Graphic Design Services
Tap into professional art and graphic design services to help package and promote your programs and services to public and professional audiences alike. Be sure your next communication is professional, creative and clear. The county's Graphics department can help you deliver powerful and attention-grabbing messages via print, mail and the Web.
Information Technology
The Department of Information Technology has expertise in many areas, including network and office systems, geographic mapping, emergency services support, to name just a few. We have the expertise to save you time and money.
Minority and Women Owned Businesses
Local governments and muncipalities can expand their contractor base by accessing the county's online minority- and women-owned businesses (MWOB) database.
Mobile Shredder
The Mobile Shredder serves two purposes -- it protects sensitive information and reduces the volume of recyclable paper for disposal. County public schools, municipalities and local governments can reserve the county's Mobile Shredder to shred documents and other paper free of charge.
Department of Planning
Find educational information and materials on various planning issues, including flood mitigation projects, watershed planning, sustainability programs and environmental issues, to name a few.
Department of Public Safety
From patrol services to crime analysis to special operations, the Department of Public Safety offers support services to municipal police departments across the county.
Public Safety Aviation Unit
The Aviation Unit frequently supports local law enforcement to apprehend suspects fleeing crime scenes in vehicles or on foot. It assists in searching for lost or missing people. It conducts aerial surveillance to assist local investigators in a wide range of criminal investigations. It assists fire departments around Westchester.
Public Works
We have the inhouse expertise to help you save on projects large and small. Want information about recycling anti-freeze or the best green products? We can help. Need a list of qualified engineers? We have it. Looking for assistance on fleet management or any phase of construction? We have the professionals who can guide you.
Selling Surplus Government Property
We offer expertise to county and local agencies in ways to generate revenue through selling surplus goods on eBay. Our Bureau of Purchase and Supply can provide assistance on how to get started or they can handle sales for a small administrative fee.
Westchester County Taxi & Limousine Commission (WCTLC)
Local governments and municipalities can take advantage of WCTLC’s shared-service process for licensing of municipal taxi drivers. The WCTLC licensing process provides a greater level of safety to the riding public through extensive background checks, annual drug testing, NYS DMV approved defensive driving course requirements and daily DMV reports. Local benefits include cost savings and decreased liability.


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