Aug. 8, 2012 --The Westchester County Department of Health is advising people who use the Hudson River waters for recreational purposes, namely swimmers, boaters, kayakers and windsurfers, to avoid direct contact with the water from Croton Point Park and points south until further notice.

Due to a break in a sewer line in Tarrytown, there is expected to be a controlled discharge of several million gallons of chlorinated raw sewage into the Hudson River at Sleepy Hollow overnight. The treated sewage bypass is needed so that repairs can be made to the sewer line. The sewer line break is also expected to result in chlorinated raw sewage being discharged into the Hudson River at Yonkers.

As a precautionary measure the Health Department is alerting people who use the waters of the Hudson River of the potential that there may be sewage effluent in the river from Croton Point Park and points south during the discharge period.

Be advised to curtail your activities, including swimming, boating, kayaking, windsurfing and bathing in these waters until further notice. Notifications are being made to marinas located on the Hudson River as well as to affected municipalities.