News Releases

The following are press releases issued by the county relating to the HUD housing settlement.

12/27/2016 Astorino Announces That Westchester exceeds Benchmark For Developing 750 Units of Affordable Housing
07/22/2016 Astorino Promotes ‘One Community’ With Affordable Housing Virtual Tour
06/20/2016 Doubt Cast On HUD’S Fairness and Competence
05/02/2016 Overreach By HUD’s Housing Monitor Escalates
3/18/2016 Westchester County Responds To housing Reports By HUD-Selected Monitor James Johnson
05/01/2015 Westchester Wins Legal Victory Against HUD
03/12/2015 Avalon Project in Harrison Moves Forward with Affordable Units
02/18/2015 Court Gives Westchester Major Victory in Housing Settlement
09/10/2014 Astorino Stands by Local Communities
08/14/2014 Astorino Corrects Federal Housing Monitor’s Report
07/07/2014 Westchester Fair and Affordable Housing Expo
06/26/2014 Astorino Announces IDA Support for $90 Million in Housing Projects
06/05/2014 Astorino Fights Rewriting Housing Settlement on HUD’s Terms
05/05/2014 Municipal Leaders Applaud Astorino Plan to Provide Direct Funding for Communities "Held Hostage" by HUD
04/11/2014 Astorino Applauds White Plains Affordable Housing Revitalization
10/24/2013 Astorino Announces $30 Million in Industrial Development Agency Financing for Family Housing Project
09/12/2013 Astorino Announces $24 Million in IDA Financing for Family and Senior Housing
06/11/2013 Federal Monitor’s Report Cards Expand Scope of Housing Settlement
04/26/2013 County Seeks Injunction in Federal Court Against HUD
04/10/2013 Astorino Fighting for $7.4 Million in Promised Funds Now Blocked by HUD
04/05/2013 Astorino Statement Following Appeals Court Ruling on HousingAstorino Statement Following Appeals Court Ruling on Housing
03/25/2013 Statement Regarding HUD’s March 25, 2013 LetterStatement Regarding HUD’s March 25, 2013 Letter


08/23/2012 Astorino Details How County Is Complying with Housing Settlement
07/06/2012 Legal Analysis Shows Westchester Zoning is not Exclusionary
06/06/2012 Ribbon-Cutting for Yonkers Fair and Affordable Housing
03/19/2012 Astorino Calls on HUD to Release $7 Million in Housing Funds
03/16/2012 Court Backs Astorino in Dispute With HUDCourt Backs Astorino in Dispute With HUD
01/09/2012 Westchester Ahead of Schedule on Housing Settlement


Web Enhancements to Fair and Affordable Housing Site
11/18/2011 New Fair and Affordable Housing for Seniors in Somers
11/18/2011 Westchester Considering Options, Following Housing Monitor’s Report
07/15/2011 Astorino: HUD “Overreaching” Puts Local Zoning at Risk
07/28/2011 Astorino Op-Ed Piece Details Concerns About HUD “overreach” on Housing
07/27/2011 Astorino's Statement Following July 27 HUD Meeting
07/27/2011 Astorino Meets With HUD Secretary
01/24/2011 Westchester Ahead of Schedule on Housing Settlement
10/29/2010 Federal Housing Monitor Approves Key Part of County Plan
09/30/2010 Sign Up to Receive Info on Fair and Affordable Housing Opportunities
08/10/2010 Housing Implementation Plan Update
07/30/2010 Fair and Affordable Townhouses in Port Chester
07/082010 Housing Settlement UpdateHousing Settlement Update
05/26/2010 Fair and Affordable Housing in Sleepy Hollow
03/12/2010 Housing Settlement Plan Revised