Muslim prayer serviceFeb. 10, 2017 - Westchester County Executive Robert P. Astorino today spoke before approximately 200 local Muslim Americans during a prayer service at the Andalusia School in Yonkers. In his remarks, Astorino acknowledged the “uncertainty, confusion and anxiety” in the Muslim community over the President’s Executive Order that seeks to temporarily suspend travel into the U.S. from seven terror-prone countries, and he sought to reassure the community that “not only are you welcome here, but the contributions of our Muslim-American community are essential here.”

“I would never support a religious test on who comes into our country,” said Astorino. “Careful screening of all people, yes. Religious test for some, no.”

Astorino’s remarks were interrupted several times by applause, including when he reminded the gathering that he appointed the first two Muslim-Americans to the Westchester County Human Rights Commission.

CE Visit to Anadalusia School from Westchester County Government on Vimeo.