The real property tax is a tax based on the value of real property. Real property is composed of real estate, the physical parcel of land and all improvements permanently attached, and the interests, benefits and rights often referred to as the "bundle of rights" inherent with ownership.

We ask that you read all property tax related documents you receive in the mail, bookmark this page and check back from time to time, assist your local assessor and tax receiver whenever requested to do so, and take advantage of any property tax exemptions, and real property tax credits such as STAR, for which you may be eligible. With the help of all involved in real property tax administration and you, we hope you'll understand how the property tax works. If you have any property tax or property tax related questions please contact us at . For questions about other types of taxes, see resources for other taxes.

This office, as the county provider of Real Property Tax Services, is primarily responsible for providing property tax related advisory and technical services to local assessment and other municipal officials, access to city and town assessment rolls, examination of the assessment rolls of towns and cities for county tax purposes and training for local board of assessment review members.

In addition to the above, this office directs as well as responds to real property tax-related inquiries. This includes, but is not limited to, inquiries about county property taxes, exemptions and real property tax laws. We offer you access to historical property tax rates, equalization rates, residential assessment ratios, county property tax payment dates and other property taxpayer resources.

The Tax Commission does not establish individual property assessments, collect current or delinquent property taxes, and is not involved in the selling of property tax liens or the foreclosure process. These functions, if applicable, are carried out individually by towns, cities and villages throughout the county.

In Westchester County, property taxes are levied by school districts, local governments, cities and towns on behalf of the county, and special districts such as fire, sewer, water and library.

You may contact us either by mail, phone or fax or send an e-mail to  with your tax-related inquiries and questions.

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