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Do you really want to knowJan. 31, 2019 -- Have you ever wondered how ice cream was invented? Or who created the first type-writer with capital and lowercase letters? Or thought about the birth place of the great American Circus? These are just some of the topics that could be explored in a new video segment of the My Westchester campaign called “Westchester, Did You Know?” Each month, a new segment will highlight something different, and little-known about the County, but something that makes #OurWestchester unique.

Westchester County Executive George Latimer said: “Westchester County is a special place, fortunate to be home to a wealth of talented, successful individuals. Many of our nation’s greatest inventors were born and raised right here in our County, creating inventions that have become a part of our everyday life. This video segment will highlight just some of the things that make us proud to call Westchester County home.”   

And, we want to hear from you. If you have something you are curious about, or something you think no one knows, send us an email at . Your idea might just appear in a future edition of “Did You Know?”