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WilliamsBoykinLatimerRidleyParentsJenkinsJohnsonJanuary 25, 2019 – Placed where Mount Vernon Police Department Detective Christopher J. Ridley tragically died 11 years ago to the day, County Executive George Latimer, the family of Christopher J. Ridley, Legislator Lyndon Williams and other officials and friends broke ground on the site of the future Christopher J. Ridley memorial.

Latimer said: “This groundbreaking is the first step toward creating a permanent memorial to the hero that was Christopher Ridley. While we cannot change the tragedy that occurred, we can take steps to ensure it is not forgotten – and that it may never happen again. I look forward to looking out the window of my office and seeing this standing testament to an ideal we must strive for.”

The groundbreaking, emceed by Deputy County Executive Ken Jenkins who was in his office overlooking the shooting on that day, took place with a ceremony which included an opening prayer, solemn trumpet renditions of “Amazing Grace” and “Taps” and words from the family of Ridley.

Father of Christopher Ridley, Stanley Ridley said: “On behalf of our family, we thank Legislator Lyndon Williams and County Executive George Latimer. Leg. Williams was a driving force behind getting this done for the last ten years and County Executive Latimer was quick to put this in motion when he took office. This memorial will be a great testimonial to who Christopher was. We must continue to push to build better relationships in our County, and while we have a lot of ground to cover, we hope this memorial will help people understand who Christopher was and what he stood for.”

Legislator Lyndon Williams said: “I am so gratified that we are finally breaking ground on this memorial for Detective Christopher Ridley. This young man, just 23 years old at the time and a Mount Vernon Police Officer, was not on duty when he saw someone being assaulted. He could have turned away that day 11 years ago. But that's not the person he was. This memorial will be a testament to Christopher Riley's character and a reminder to all Westchester residents that there are people who make great sacrifices for others. I look forward to working with the Ridley family and County personnel to speed the monument's completion."

Board of Legislators Chairman Ben Boykin said: “Eleven years ago we lost a selfless young man who didn’t turn away when he saw someone in need, Mount Vernon Police Detective Christopher Ridley.  For a decade now, Detective Ridley’s family and friends have marked this day with mourning and remembrance.  But this year, we’re doing more than mourning.  After the Board approved funding this term, we’re finally breaking ground on a permanent memorial for Christopher Ridley.  This memorial will ensure that Detective Ridley will be remembered for his bravery in Westchester for generations to come.”

Legislator David Tubiolo said: "I'm proud that we're finally honoring Detective Christopher Ridley with an appropriate memorial that will be permanent. With this monument, Detective Ridley will never be forgotten. His death 11 years ago was a tragedy, and it's fitting that we pay our respects for his sacrifice."