careerevent March 20, 2017- In celebration of Women’s History Month, County Executive Rob Astorino teamed up with Vermilion Talent, a social enterprise business that helps women re-entering the workforce, and MasterCard to host a career re-entry event, “The Art of Career Re-Entry,” for women who are looking to go back to work or change their career.

County Executive Robert P. Astorino joined more than 100 women at MasterCard’s global headquarters in Purchase, and spoke about how Westchester’s future is inherently tied to the success of women in the workplace.

“You, the highly-educated, highly-motivated, highly-experienced leaders of households and soon industries, are what’s going to make Westchester explode as a business hub in the years to come,” Astorino said. “We’re already growing at a rapid clip; we have 44,000 new private sector jobs since 2010. But its women, moms especially, that point the way to Westchester’s 21st Century formula for success.”

The event included seminars, speakers and techniques designed to help women in their efforts of landing meaningful employment.

During his remarks, the county executive touted Westchester great assets, including its parks, schools, accessibility and highly educated workforce, while mentioning that business leaders and household decision makers, often mothers, understood the value of balance and Westchester’s great quality of life.

Astorino also noted that 60 percent of Vermilion members had earned master’s degrees, a figure that matches national figures as a telling characteristic for both the county and the country.

“Many, if not most of you, have children and careers,” Astorino said. “You want all the things Westchester offers – great schools, public safety, parks and hiking trails, reliable transportation – and you want it nearby. To me, that means Westchester is about to become an even bigger business epicenter than it is now. You, and women like you, are now deciding, and will continue deciding, where businesses should be located.”