Faith-Based Partners

County Executive Robert P. Astorino and Carrie Mobley-Johnson

County Executive Robert P. Astorino believes that helping the neediest among us is greatly enhanced by strengthening the bonds between county government and religious organizations in our communities.

Toward this goal, he launched the Faith-based Community Partnership, which grew out of his conversations with members of the clergy since coming into office in 2010. A recurring theme of those conversations was how can government and religious groups work together to share ideas and resources in ways that can best improve the lives of those around us, particularly those least fortunate.

The Faith-based Community Partnership (FCP) is modeled after similar initiatives undertaken by Presidents Obama and Bush. In Westchester, it specifically seeks to improve community outreach and service delivery by:

  • Assisting faith-based organizations in obtaining information about county assistance
  • Sharing resources
  • Leveraging best practices
  • Making it easier to navigate government bureaucracy, especially with respect to procurement and contracts
  • Building stronger relationships between county departments and faith-based organizations

Astorino appointed Carrie Mobley-Johnson, Senior Advisor, Faith Based Partneships Initiatives, to serve as his liaison for the FCP.

To help make this initiative a success, we ask places of worship and religious-affiliated service organizations to register with us. Use our online Faith-based Community Partnership form to register.

If you have questions or an immediate need, don't hesitate to contact Ms. Mobley-Johnson either by phone at (914) 995-2935 or e-mail at .
The Power to the Parent media campaign and Web site was created to provide parents with information and support on how to address teen drinking and substance abuse. The program is funded through grants to the Westchester Coalition for Drug and Alcohol Free Youth. 

For more information, contact Pat McCarthy Tomassi at (914) 995-4115 or .

Faith-based organizations can always reach out to any the following county departments if individuals or families in the communities they serve are in need of assistance: