westchestergov logo

For each Westchester County department, we provide three art files:

  • a color (county green) eps
  • an RGB (county green) jpg
  • a grayscale jpg

  • Use the file type that suits the job.
  • For black and white print materials, send the printer the color (green) EPS file to use. It will render just fine in grayscale.
  • If you require a white (knock-out, reverse) logo, contact .

Refer to the county logo guidelines

  • Logo files are not to be altered in any way.
  • Never change the color of the logo or the text
  • Never crop the logo.
  • Go to County Logo Guidelines for complete usage guidelines.
  • What applies to the county logo also applies to the county department logos.

Usage matters

  • County logos are only "county green" or gray-scale. No other colors are allowed.
  • The green and gray-scale logos must remain on their white backgrounds even if a page has color.
  • The green and gray-scale logos NEVER sit directly on a color; always on a white background.
  • Safety space: The image files are complete with the required safety space.
  • Do not crop the files to change the dimensions or any other aspect of the logo and text.
  • When increasing or decreasing the size of the file, the proportions must remain constrained.
  • If you require a white (knock-out, reverse) logo, contact .
  • If you require a logo for merchandising opportunities, contact .