If you're unsure of who to contact, call (914) 995-2000 for operator assistance or (914) 995-TELE (8353) to reach the voice-activated phone system.


Appointed Commissioners and Directors Contact Information
PositionAppointed Official



Deputy County Executive Ken Jenkins 995-2909  
Director of Operations Joan McDonald    
Archives and Records   231-1500  
Budget Director Lawrence Soule 995-2857  
Chief Information Officer   995-8161  
Communications Director Catherine Cioffi, J.D 995-2932  
Community Mental Health
Commissioner (acting)
Michael Orth 995-5220  
Citizen Services





Consumer Protection (acting director) John Gaccione 995-2164  
Correction Commissioner Kevin Cheverko 231-1054  
Disabilities, Office for
People with
Evan Latainer 995-2957  
Emergency Services Commissioner John M. Cullen 231-1686  
Employment and Training Director Donnovan Beckford 995-3707  
Environmental Facilities
Finance Commissioner Ann Marie Berg 995-2757  
Health Commissioner Dr. Sherlita Amler  864-7292  
Human Resources Commissioner Mary Mahon 995-2101  
Human Rights Commission James Castro-Blanco 995-7710  
Parks, Recreation and
 Conservation Commissioner
Kathleen O'Connor 231-4504  
Medical Examiner and Commissioner Dr. Kunjlata Ashar 231-1600  
Planning Commissioner (acting) Norma Drummond 995-4402  
Probation Commissioner Rocco A. Pozzi 995-3502  
Public Safety Commissioner George Longworth 864-7710  
Public Works/ Transportation Commissioner Vincent F. Kopicki    
Senior Programs and Services Commissioner Mae Carpenter 813-6400  
Social Services Commissioner Kevin M. McGuire 995-5500  
Solid Waste Commission Patricia A. O'Callaghan 995-6823  
Tax Commission Mary Beth Murphy 995-4325  
Taxi and Limousine Commissioner Christine Sculti 995-7300  
Tourism and Film Office Natasha Caputo 995-8500  
Veterans Service Agency Ronald C. Tocci 995-2148  
Women, Office for Robi Schlaff 995-5976  
Youth Bureau   995-2760