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Key correspondence between Westchester County, HUD and the monitor:


12/18/2016 Westchester Housing Deal: What’s Next, If Anything, Journal News
10/16/2016 The Inequality Fight Dividing Hillary Clinton’s Hometown, Politico
06/13/2016 The Week, The National Review
07/20/2015 Washington Takes on Zoning Board, The National Review
07/20/2015 HUD’s Disparate Impact War on Suburban America, The Washington Examiner
07/19/2015 Fed Housing Overreach, The Boston Herald
07/18/2015 Will Fair Housing Redraw Local Zoning?,
06/17/2015 The Mad War to House the Poor in U. S. Suburbs, New York Post
05/11/2015 Westchester County: Not Monitor’s Call if Housing Deal Violated, Journal News
05/01/2015 Court Bars HUD from Reallocating County Grants, Journal News
03/17/2015 Westchester to Pursue HUD for Held-back Grants, Journal News
02/27/2015 Court Ruling a Victory for Westchester, Journal News
02/12/2015 Housing Non-profit Hoards Millions Collected in Anti-discrimination Case,
10/11/2014 HUD is the Real Impediment in Housing Fracas, Journal News
07/14/2014 HUD is Following the Law in Westchester, as it Must, Wall Street Journal
07/08/2014 Westchester USA, Wall Street Journal
01/21/2014 HUD Suburb Integration Plan Undercut by Its Own Study, Investor's Business Daily
09/06/2013 Washington's Fair Housing Assault on Zoning, CE Robert P. Astorino, OpEd, Wall Street Journal
06/28/2013 HUD Report Cards Ignore Progress On Fair Housing, Supervisor Joan Maybury, OpEd, Journal News
06/05/2013 Rob Astorino and HUD Dispute-Monitor Gets An Earful from Westchester Mayors, Supervisors, Editorial, Newsday
05/12/2013 Zoning is Not Discrimination, Editorial, Journal News
05/02/2013 The Battle Over Affordable Housing Heats Up in Westchester, Huffington Post
04/29/2013 A Home in Westchester, New York Post
 09/07/2012 County Balks At HUD's Demands, Editorial, Journal News
 08/20/2012 HUD on Hudson, Wall Street Journal
 08/03/2012 A Texas-Size Housing Fight, Wall Street Journal
 05/29/2012 From Westchester's Leader, How We Promote Diversity, New York Times
 05/17/2012 Court Wrong in Ruling on Westchester Affordable Housing Settlement, Community View, Journal News
 05/13/2012 Battle For Westchester, New York Times
 05/03/2012 White House Hurting The Poor, Editorial, Newsday
 04/03/2012 Despite 2009 Deal, Affordable Housing Roils Westchester, New York Times
 01/11/2012 Mr. Astorino Goes to Westchester, National Review
 01/09/2012 County Executive Robert P. Astorino's Letter to the Editor, New York Times
 12/31/2011 Westchester's Desegregation Battle, New York Times
 11/30/2011 HUD's Warped War on Westchester, Daily News
 10/02/2011 Astorino Defends Stance on Housing Deal, Editorial
 09/16/2011 Social Engineering in Suburbia, Wall Street Journal
 09/18/2011 Housing Foes Embrace Politics, Shun History, Editorial, Journal News
 07/18/2011 Astorino Shirks Housing Duty, Editorial, Journal News
 07/15/2011 HUD Plays Hardball with Westchester County, Wall Street Journal
 06/02/2011 Renewing a Fair-Housing Fight, Wall Street Journal
 04/04/2011 HUD's Racial Subdivisions, Wall Street Journal